Try out SaviRPM for yourself

There are a number of tools available for you to try out, all part of the same SaviRPM modelling suite. Just get in touch with us and we can help you decide which tool is best for you.

SaviRPM is a modular modelling and analysis tool set, with an extensive range of functionality. We have created a number of separate tools, all sharing the same core archtecture and code, so that you can get to grips with using SaviRPM capabilities one step at a time, or just use the feature that is relevant to the challenges you face. Other modules can then be added on as required.

  • SaviView (provided free to all SaviRPM modelling project clients): a set of rich interactive visualisation tools allowing you to explore the results of modelled simulations, and identify the root causes of performance issues, or compare modelled scenarios to find out which performance solutions work best for you
  • SaviPerform*: a tool that processes historical train timing data, combined with SaviView, so that you can use the interactive visualisation tools to explore historical train performance and identify where there have been performance issues. This helps you to focus attention on the locations, routes, and services that have been problematic in the past.
  • SaviPlan*: a timetable modelling and testing tool that identifies potential performance risks in new timetables or in changes to existing timetables. SaviView helps by highlighting risk hotspots so that timetables can be improved. Timetable tweaks/alterations can also be modelled to quantify/check that performance could be improved. When dseigning new timetables, SaviPlan can be used to model timetable options, and compare their likely performance to help inform good design choices.
  • SaviRPM: the full agent based modelling suite of tools and visualisations, used to setup a new modelled area, run simulations of multiple scenarios, with interactive visuaisations to analyse and compare results. Used to explore the root causes of performance issues, then develop and test potential solutions, and select the one(s) that have the potential to make the most significant improvements in performance.
  • To find out more about these tools please contact us at

    * Note: we are working on these tools and will release them soon, SaviRPM and SaviView are available today.