RPM Demonstration

This is a demonstration of the Rail Performance Model, used by the rail industry to explore interventions designed to improve service performance for passengers. It is an agent based model, that produces detailed information about the ways in which train services can interact, conflict, and cause delays. A set of powerful interactive visualisations can help rail performance teams understand the root causes of delay and create interventions that can help trains keep to time, improving passenger journeys.

Summary View

This visualisation of Rail Performance Modelling results provides a way to compare the performance of alternative interventions to improve services.

Map View

This interactive map visualisation is used to identify where delays to train services are occurring, so that rail performance teams can design targeted interventions that improve performance.

Train View

This interactive visualisation is used by rail performance teams to find the trains that are causing the most delay to passenger journeys, so that they can design targeted interventions to improve performance.

Timetable View

This visualisation has been developed in close collaboration with Network Rail to test changes to timetables, and highlight any risks to exceeding network capacity.

Power BI Visualisation

RPM data is uploaded securely to the Microsoft Azure Cloud, and is available for further analysis, report and dashboard generation, and self-service business intelligence.

Sample simple visualisation published to the web using Power BI.